beeswax herbal lip balm By Moon Organics

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Our silky, smooth, beeswax herbal lip balm recipe, naturally seals in moisture, with 5 great flavors--there is something smoochable for everyone! Organically certified organic by the usda This offer is a sweet deal! 5 beeswax lip balms for the price of 4! Now you can enjoy a different balm every day of the week. This collection consists of one of each beeswax lip balm flavor we offer, including the original formula, velvety vanilla. That means you can give one to a friend...Or maybe you don't want to share (we understand!) in that case, keep one at home, in your bag and at work, so you never have to look far to indulge your luscious lips! 5-pack includes: velvety vanilla, tropical coconut lime, juicy blackberry, sweet honey ,cool mint vanilla Uses: apply as often as you like to pucker. Use around eyes to moisturize and remove makeup. Also great for cuticles. Gluten free - let's recycle. Tube is recyclable . Size: 75oz